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Stacy Salazar

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Stacy’s passion for helping others fueled her desire to become a Medicare Specialist. With fifteen years of experience working with the senior community, Stacy brings extensive knowledge of the resources available to the senior population. A professional people person, she has established lasting and positive relationships with local facilities and support groups. 


Stacy attended Brigham Young University-Idaho and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science from Utah Valley University. She worked for the state for five years as an employment counselor, helping people get back on their feet after experiencing difficulties.


As caregiver for her parents, Stacy has first-hand experience with the importance of having the right insurance when the need arises. She loves knowing that her work will significantly  benefit the lives of her clients and their families at critical times.


A modern pioneer woman, Stacy loves gardening, cooking, and sewing and was awarded the honor of Sterling Scholar for Family and Consumer Health Sciences. Nothing makes her happier than sharing a delicious homemade treat or lending a helping hand to her family and friends.


Stacy's Direct contact information is:


A customized plan for you!

We are all unique in our own ways and so are the plans that are available in the Medicare market. That's why the plan that is best for you needs to be customized to your needs and wants. 

IF you are brave enough to try to find the best plan for you, below is the link that allows you to search among the plans. At CRSG, we pride ourselves in our service, but those who may not need as much pampering, this tool will let you go at your own pace but still have access to our services. 

For those that would like more person-to-person service, just let us know and we will be there. No cost. Ever. Just people trying to help people.

*Any enrollment done through this link will be under Stacy, not some person in another country or state that you've never met.

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