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Matt Jenkins began his career advising retirees in 2007. Before this, he attending UNLV and studied business management with an emphasis in finance/real estate. At the time he was working for Wells Fargo and was considering continuing with them as a financial adviser but when he finished schooling in the fall of 2007, that was the beginning of the last real significant financial dip. The heightened stress, negativity, and concern at this time just was something he did not want in his life. That's where he connected with Marcus Fox, his father in law. 

After asking Marcus what he does for a living, he accompanied him on some appointments and realized, this is something he could do and enjoy. Helping people.

Since then, Matt has not looked back and has enjoyed creating wonderful relationships with his clients. He makes every effort to provide tremendous value to his clients through his knowledge and service. 

Personally, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and three boys, traveling, golf, and almost anything related to hunting/fishing. 

Matt's Direct contact information is:

  Matt Jenkins

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A customized plan for you!

We are all unique in our own ways and so are the plans that are available in the Medicare market. That's why the plan that is best for you needs to be customized to your needs and wants. 

IF you are brave enough to try to find the best plan for you, below is the link that allows you to search among the plans. At CRSG, we pride ourselves in our service, but those who may not need as much pampering, this tool will let you go at your own pace but still have access to our services. 

For those that would like more person-to-person service, just let us know and we will be there. No cost. Ever. Just people trying to help people.

*Any enrollment done through this link will be under Matt, not some person in another country or state that you've never met.

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