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  Darin Noorda

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Darin L Noorda is a Senior Insurance Advisor with Complete Retirement Solutions Group who works with individuals and business helping retiree's navigate the complexities of Medicare and its related products through retirement. Darin has the philosophy that knowledge is power. Empowering those who transition onto Medicare ensure that people are confident in their health decisions that will last them through the rest of their lives.

Darin has helped thousands over his career make the choices that will pertain to the unique situation for each individual as they enter retirement and utilize Medicare health insurance. Darin has been awarded high honors through several insurance companies for professionalism and production. In addition to his extensive Medicare insurance experience, Darin is well adapted to handle the many situations to assist those who transition into retirement.

Darin services Northern Utah and Southern Idaho. Although he has advised clients that live throughout the inter mountain west

Darin holds a BS in finance from Utah State University.


Darin's Direct contact information is:


A customized plan for you!

We are all unique in our own ways and so are the plans that are available in the Medicare market. That's why the plan that is best for you needs to be customized to your needs and wants. 

IF you are brave enough to try to find the best plan for you, below is the link that allows you to search among the plans. At CRSG, we pride ourselves in our service, but those who may not need as much pampering, this tool will let you go at your own pace but still have access to our services. 

For those that would like more person-to-person service, just let us know and we will be there. No cost. Ever. Just people trying to help people.

*Any enrollment done through this link will be under Darin, not some person in another country or state that you've never met.

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