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Angie Oceguera is our Northern Nevada Broker and has been with CRSG since 2014. She moved to Fallon in 1999 after traveling through Fallon for her job as a marketing advisor. Past experiences include customer service, human resources, marketing, and sales.    Her love for Seniors and wanting to help them navigate through Insurance, which can be complicated, is what convinced her to become an Insurance Broker.   When she was first approached to work with CRSG, she wasn’t very excited to “sell” Insurance. After going out and meeting with some clients of the other Brokers in the company and seeing what a benefit they offer to the Seniors, she was excited to join our team.   She loves the people she meets and her clients. Angie is easy to talk to, so call and set up an appointment or ask questions.  From Oct through March, she has a kiosk inside the Fallon Walmart to answer questions and help with your needs and questions.  After you meet with Angie, you will have more knowledge to make the best choices for your healthcare and retirement. Her clients always report that they are so happy they decided to meet with her.  Angie is married with 2 kids, and is trying to survive the teenage years.  Wish her luck!.


Angie's Direct contact information is:

Angie Oceguera

Angie oceguera.webp


A customized plan for you!

We are all unique in our own ways and so are the plans that are available in the Medicare market. That's why the plan that is best for you needs to be customized to your needs and wants. 

IF you are brave enough to try to find the best plan for you, below is the link that allows you to search among the plans. At CRSG, we pride ourselves in our service, but those who may not need as much pampering, this tool will let you go at your own pace but still have access to our services. 

For those that would like more person-to-person service, just let us know and we will be there. No cost. Ever. Just people trying to help people.

*Any enrollment done through this link will be under Angie, not some person in another country or state that you've never met.

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